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Train-the-Trainer and Workbook Programs

Curriculum and workbooks to use in your own classroom

Schools, community groups, non-profits and for-profit providers can quickly and confidently launch a research-based, practitioner-focused, workbook-based curricula to train their peer or professional tutors and academic coaches. In support of the workbooks we provide an online program for training your own in-house trainer (qualified NTA certified visiting trainers also available). Each Train-the-Trainer participant is paired one-on-one with a mentor certified by the NTA. These mentors incorporate best practices training with instructional and leadership skills needed by every effective trainer.

This acclaimed program also articulates with the requirements for NTA trainer certification and CEUs from Fielding Graduate University.  

Online Train-the-Trainer Program - $699.00

  • Self-paced, study anytime
  • Individualized mentoring by certified tutor trainers
  • Takes approximately 80 hours of study over a recommended 8 to 20 week period, depending on hours per week of activity
  • Includes enrollment in the "Tutoring Foundations" Comprehensive curriculum (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels) training with assignment review from the trainer's perspective (topics and outcomes). Graduates of previous trainings with our materials may apply completion toward this requirement, subject to our review and approval. If approved, the enrollment fee for the program will be reduced.
  • Includes a Capstone course, which covers classroom management, pedagogy and program enhancement (topics and outcomes)
  • Includes a complete set of “Tutoring Foundations” Workbooks to be used during the Capstone component ($75 value.) (sample) These are sent to the learner after successful completion of the Comprehensive component.
  • Satisfies academic requirements for National Tutoring Association Tutor Trainer certification
  • Qualifies for CEUs from Fielding Graduate University

Classroom Workbook - $25 each (add tax for California providers)

  • Research based, practitioner focused content
  • Based on the accredited online training in use since 2007 by hundreds of schools and other providers
  • Detailed training workbooks based on the “Tutoring Foundations” Comprehensive (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels) and “Academic Coaching” curricula . (topics and outcomes)
  • Workbooks are one-per-student consumables, spiral bound with heavy covers (sample) and include  suggested exercises, a final review quiz, and plenty of room for notes, reflections and interactive activities.
  • Seven hours of student classroom instruction suggested per workbook (easily split into multiple instructional periods)
  • Curricula delivery may be "mixed and matched" between online and classroom workbook versions
  • Workbooks may only be purchased by organizations who have completed a workbook agreement and utilize either staff trainer(s) who have completed the Train-the-Trainer course or that bring in NTA certified and approved visiting trainers.
  • Workbook content articulates with National Tutoring Association professional or peer tutor certification requirements.
  • Workbook content also articulates with the suggested College Reading & Learning Association certification topics

How to Enroll Trainers/Purchase Workbooks

Need a more immediate solution?

Our online programs can train 1 or 100 students without the necessity for you to gather students for classes, allowing them to work at their individual pace at from any location and start date. Workbooks and online training content articulates so that you can fill in with online training between your scheduled sessions.

Need Trainers to come to your location?

Please contact  the National Tutoring Association if you would like them to provide trainers for on-site classroom instruction. They will create a proposal that includes trainer fees, lodging, travel and per diem estimates for the nearest available trainer based on your training dates. You will need to purchase workbooks in advance of training directly from Crossroads of Learning after the completion of an organization survey, workbook agreement and a confirmed method of payment.


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