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"Extremely helpful. I feel rejuvenated. This course gave me a chance to look at my tutoring business and clients with new eyes and I am already incorporating renewed methodologies."

Mackenzie Cloutier
Academic Upgrades
, Attleboro, MA

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Interested in training tutors for certification using our materials? Visit our Workbooks/Train-the-Trainer information page.
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"Experience alone does not enable tutors to select more appropriate responses to presented tutoring situations...Training was found to make a significant difference in the appropriateness of tutor responses to presented tutoring situations (Sheets 1994)."

Whether one is new to the field, or has an established career in tutoring, academic coaching, training or learning center administration, our unique training catalog offers unmatched development opportunities. The curricula, developed with the National Tutoring Association and approved by Fielding Graduate University, is based on the most current research and best practices from a wide range of experts.

The research-based, practitioner-focused techniques are reinforced by a mastery-based approach (no multiple choice questions!) Individualized mentor feedback is delivered at a level equal to each learner's aptitude and experience. This highly personalized yet flexible model reflects and reinforces established tutoring best practice. Hear what students and center managers have to say. (reviews)

Interested in training tutors for certification using our materials? Visit our Train-The-Trainer/Workbooks information page.


  • Start any time (no class cohort needs to form)
  • Self-paced
  • Work any time, any place
  • 1 to 1 mentor/learner ratio
  • All materials included and available on-line
  • Research based
  • Practioner focused
  • Reflective/case study assignments (no multiple choice quizzes)
  • All assignments/quizzes hand-graded
  • Mastery-based study tools


  • Personal computer
  • Word processing, web browsing software
  • Broadband Internet connection
  • Basic computer skills
  • 12th grade reading/writing level
  • Self-directed learning style
  • Minimum Age: Tutoring Foundations - Basic - 14; Intermediate, Advanced and Comprehensive and Academic Coaching -18; Train-the-Trainer 21.

Full Requirements

Curriculum, Fees and Learning Time

Tutoring Foundations Tutor Training (topics and outcomes)
(All course materials and a printed certificate of completion are included)
Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced Modules
20 hours of learning time over an estimated 3-6 week period.
$179 each
Comprehensive Program (includes all three modules)
60 hours of learning time over an estimated 8-15 week period.
Intermediate/Advanced Module Combination (includes two modules)
Available to graduates of Tutoring Foundations Basic module. Call Registrar for enrollment information (818) 249-9692 xt 2.
40 hours of learning time over an estimate 6-12 week period

Academic Coach Training (topics and outcomes)
20–25 hours of learning time over an estimated 5-7 week period.
Pre-requisite: Basic or Comprehensive Tutoring Foundations

Train-the-Trainer (topics and outcomes)
70-90 hours of learning time over an estimated 8-20 week period.
This curriculum includes "Tutoring Foundations" Comprehensive program and a trainer capstone. It equips trainers to deliver face-to-face staff development with consumable workbooks. (click here for more details)

Professional Development Opportunities

Successful completion of Crossroads of Learning programs satisfy the academic requirements for certification by the National Tutoring Association (NTA). To earn your nationally recognized certification, contact the NTA directly for information and applications.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are also granted by Fielding Graduate University.  For more information, click here.

Participating Educators
Educators and leaders in the academic support field have worked with Crossroads of Learning as online mentors, academic advisors and curriculum authors. Their contributions and expertise have made Crossroads of Learning a leader in the industry.

(click photos for biographical details)

Avery Austin Avery Austin
Western Governors University
Owner, The Answer Key
Dr. Linda Saumell Linda Saumell, PhD
Director of a Title V Grant
Miami Dade College Homestead Campus
M. Nutall Margaret Nuttall M.A. Ed
SSS Program and Tutoring Spec.TRIO Student Support Services California State University, San Marcos
Laura Symons Laura Symons
Assistant Professor and Coordinator The Learning Center at Piedmont Virginia Community College (retired)
click for bio Linda Stevens Hjorth
DeVry University
kara van der linden Dr. Kara Van Der Linden
Adjunct faculty, Fielding Graduate University, operator of educational services and consulting business
Kathy Tiner Kathy Tiner, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Masters and Professional Development
Fielding Graduate University
Lynn Giese Lynn Giese
Tutorial Program Coordinator
Columbus State Community College Past President, Ntl. Tutoring Assoc.
Sheila O'Shea-Resto Sheila O'Shea-Resto
SOS Tutoring


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