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"Tutoring Foundations" Curriculum

Lynn Benn
Director of Student Development and Success
Kwantlen Polytechnic
Surrey, BC, Canada

"Professional development"

Cyndi Crisel
Student Support Specialist
Title III
Arkansas State University
Mountain Home, AR

"Great online androgogy"

Kristy Mitchell
Peer Tutor
Fayetteville State University
Fayetteville, NC

"Value for peer tutors"

Nancy Dhillon
Instructional Associate

Kwantlen Polytechnic

Surrey, BC, Canada

"Student workbooks"

Eva St. Arnauld
Director of Student Success
Center for Learning and Advancement
Grand Canyon University
Phoenix, AZ

"Training value and certification"

Aubri Adkins
Professional Tutor
Student Success Center
CCi/Everest College
Skokie, IL

"Great mentor feedback"

Nancy Dhillon
Instructional Associate

Kwantlen Polytechnic

Surrey, BC, Canada

"Tutor trainer training"

Kirby Gleason
ATB Manager
CCi/Heald Colleges
Portland, OR

"Contrasting tutor vs. teacher"

Marc Ginsberg
President and Certified Teacher
A+ Tutoring and Test Prep, LLC
Phoenix, AZ

"Reflections and scenarios"

"Extremely helpful. I feel rejuvenated. This course gave me a chance to look at my tutoring business and clients with new eyes and I am already incorporating renewed methodologies."

Mackenzie Cloutier
Academic Upgrades
Attleboro, MA

"Very inspiring. I've learned a lot. I especially liked our study session on active listening, being able to pick up on key words and phrases and the culture shock section. A person doesn't have to be from another country to experience culture shock! This course has given me a whole new methodology for assessing our students and our staff tutors."

Barbara Harris
Academic Tutorial Outreach Services
Hampton, VA

"Half the key to learning is motivation, and we can provide that by helping our students see how learning is helping them achieve a goal they have for themselves. That requires a specific skill in our ability to assess and to evaulate our students. The course was very constructive in that area, with case studies and scenarios. I enjoyed it."

Derek Hiley
Tutor Coordinator
Owens Community College
Toledo, OH

"It is a useful class and I learned things. I thought the legal section was especially helpful for people who are setting up a tutoring business."

Rosaline A. Zylstra
Special Education Project Manager
California Charter Schools Association
Los Angeles, CA

"The course content is excellent and covers all aspects of tutoring. Even classroom teachers who wish to tutor will benefit from the course, as one-on-one instruction requires some skills which are distinct from those called for in a group setting."

Sylvie Bordzuk
Professional Tutor and Certified Teacher
Oceanside, NY

"I've been a teacher for 20 years and have a Masters in Special Education. I still found there was a lot of interesting information."

Karen Chase
"Road" Scholar Tutoring Service
Scappoose, Oregon

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