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Research Reports  
check mark Research Confirming Positive Outcomes of Tutor Training
  Includes three abstract summaries with journal and dissertation links documenting the impact of tutor training on the effectiveness of tutors through quantitative and qualitative research. The positive impact on the higher GPA and increased retention of students tutored by trained tutors is covered as well as numerous resources related to best practices. This research was compiled by Crossroads of Learning and presented at several national conferences in 2011 and 2012.  
check mark Tutor Pay Survey 2012  
  The 2012 Tutor Pay survey conducted by Crossroads of Learning gathered information from college and university learning support centers in all fifty states. Among other results, state and federal minimum wage appear to be the primary driver for peer tutor compensation.  
Online Tutoring Resources  
Tutor Universe  
  Tutor Universe offers a collaboration platform for online tutoring, with time tracking, billing and workspace tools. A marketplace that connects tutors and students regardless of geographic location.  
  oaSES is web-based software for tutoring providers. Handles the day-to-day record-keeping and scheduling for a typical writing or learning center. Helps manage data for both staff and students. Tracks learning plans, progress reports and session information. Generates invoices, payroll and offers 60 business different reports. The company also sponsors The Tutor Report, a blog for tutor industry experts.  
  WCOnline is an online software program and office tool for the day-to-day record-keeping and scheduling tasks of the typical writing or learning center.  Installation is customized for each center.  
check Centertrac  
  LearnSpeed LLC is the maker of CenterTrac, an online education center management system that allows a single solution to manage students, clients, and instructors. It also utomates invoicing through a one-step QuickBooks data export.   
SES Tracker  
  SESTracker was born of the needs of providers to address challenges considerably greater than just data management. SESTracker assists in the management of your data to provide institutions, schools, districts, administrators, staff and parents the information they need to make calculated decisions for the supplemental education needs of children.  
  Web-based learning and tutoring center management system including login/out, attendance tracking, visit notes and reasons, assessment data and early warning alerts.  TutorTrac is cross-platform and works in centralized and decentralized centers, with over 100 standard reports and the ability to customize more.  
Communication Tools  
check mark  
  Free Online Group Calendar and Information Manager. Share Calendars, Contacts and Lists with all your important Groups  
check mark  

Free hosted blogging  
check mark  

Free knowledge base (wiki) for quickly setting up a group document space  
check mark  
  Classroom manager that can be adapted for a tutoring center. $50/yr. as of 4/21/06  
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Free voice and video over the Internet  
Brain Teasers  
  Games, puzzles, more  
  Coolmath has a ton of cool math games and puzzles, lots of really clear math lessons (Algebra and fractions), fractals, Calculus, Geometry, tessellations and more.  
Kid's Page  
  Science games and activities on the web for kids and the parents who love them  
On-line Learning  
Common Errors in English  
Dr. Grammar - Frequently Asked Questions  
  An excellent resource and library of common questions in grammer. Contains a good search function. Dr. Grammar is James HiDuke from University of Northern Iowa.  
Guide to Grammar and Writing  
  The Guide to Grammar and Writing contains scores of digital handouts on grammar and English usage, over 170 computer-graded quizzes, recommendations on writing and a way to submit questions about grammar and writingVery accessible for students.  
OWL: Handouts: Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling  
  SInstructor resources and handouts from the Writing Lab Writing at Purdue University.  
  Purplemath contains practical algebra lessons demonstrating useful techniques and pointing out common errors. Lessons are written with the struggling student in mind, and stress the practicalities over the technicalities. Includes an extensive review of other websites, links and math resources.  
SAT Preparation Site  
  A vocabulary oriented site that will help high school students prepare for the vocabulary section of the new SAT exam or for general improvement of English vocabulary.  
The ESL Quiz Center - Part of a larger esl site  
  Dave Sperling hosts the ESL Café. This page has a collection of well designed quizzes on a wide range of subjects, including geography, grammar, history, idioms, slang, people, science, and many other topics.  
  Flashcards, charts, quizzes that will help teach the times tables.  
Printables: Worksheets, forms, etc  
Free Printable Calendars  
  A printing site that can be used free of charge to print calendars, greeting cards, signs flyers, and forms.  
Certificate Printing Templates  
  A clip art resource for creating certificates for honors, appreciation and recognition.  
  Popular site for a range of teacher resources - puzzlemaker, worksheet generator, quizzes, clip art and more.  
Outline Maps  
  Publisher Houghton Mifflin makes these maps of the world and continents available for classroom use.  
  Math, Reading Comprehension, Themes, Lesson Plans, and Worksheets  
  Billed as “the world's largest library of printable flash cards” Create, study, print and download millions of flashcards.  
Free Printables: an Index at You Get Info  
  This website is maintained by a department head at Alexandria Recreation Dept. He’s here to serve the public and on this site, you will get a long like of links to free printables for forms, worksheets, games, etc. etc.  
  More printables  
  Free Worksheets for teachers to use in their daily teaching routines. Flashcards, lesson plans, worksheets, etc.  
  free lesson plans, free worksheets, free software, online math, educational store, home school, 7000+ free worksheets; phonics, math, language arts, science, social studies, reading, handwriting; kindness to animals. Also for free; software, story time, awards, and online math.  
  Your source for free photos  
Wikipedia Images  

Hundreds of thousands of illustrative images and other media  
Free Translation and Professional Translation Services from SDL International  
  SDL International is the world's number 1 provider of free and professional language translation services for websites and documents. Translate from English to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Norwegian.  
  Open source web browser with tabs and search engine list - Free Pictures  
  Among the largest collections of free photographs for non-commercial use on the Internet.  
Learning Styles Questionnaire  
  A quiz to provide learning style analysis, from North Carolina University  
Peter's Online Typing Course  
  Free online typing course.   
  Create rubrics for your project-based learning activities  
Study Guides and Strategies  
  Study guides, strategies, skills, tips and habits for learners and students in 30 languages  
Yahoo! Maps  
  A search engine for direction and traffic info  
Reference Sites  
Acronym Finder  


Acronym and abbreviation dictionary.  
  Search and answer engine, with quick accurate dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, bios, tech terms, news, sports, weather, etc. Includes On This Day and In the News sections. Great Books Online  
  Internet publisher of literature, reference books and verse, including free online access to books.  Encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus and more.  
California Learning Resources Network  
  Directory of reference sites from almanacs to dictionaries to science and more, in finding standards-aligned software, video and Internet learning resources  
  Online encyclopedia, almanac, Web search powered by Google, Web directory, dictionary and thesaurus.  
Sites for Teachers  
  Aggregator of hundreds of websites and resources of interest to teachers  
STAR Tutoring  
  Free articles, worksheets & extras at the bottom of the home page  

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