July 28, 2015

Professional Training in Academic Coaching Now Available to Counselors, Coaches and Learning Support Professionals

by Bob Lasiewicz, Managing Director, Crossroads of Learning

Effective and affordable online courses geared to counselors, learning support specialists and academic advisors are now available in an expanded series from Crossroads of Learning, a distance learning training company based in La Cañada-Flintridge, CA.

The online Academic Coaching course provides educational professionals an affordable and convenient opportunity to engage in structured and validated training. Each learner is paired one-on-one with an expert mentor to facilitate progress through the college level curriculum. The course is self-paced, to accommodate the flexible schedules of education professionals. Using research-based learning modalities, all Crossroads of Learning courses are all designed to be highly reflective and include spaced repetition and simulations which in turn stimulates learning, understanding, retention and application of the subjects covered.

Elizabeth Gonzales, a recent Crossroads course participant from North Florida Community College wrote “this course brought clarification about the difference between tutoring services and academic coaching services.” Academic coaching is a highly personalized field of practice. The course is designed to help each participant examine and fine tune their own philosophy and practice of academic coaching relevant to the unique temperament, skills, training and experience of each learner.

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