January 31, 2014

Academic Support Leaders in the News

by Bob Lasiewicz, Managing Director, Crossroads of Learning

Our team at Crossroads of Learning is now in its seventh year of pioneering andragogical innovation, quality curriculum and multi-modal professional training for tutors and academic coaches, both private practice and within academic learning and writing centers.  In the final weeks of 2013, we interviewed recent course graduates and program coordinators from participating organizations from around the world.  Here are some highlights from training grads, learning/writing center managers, academic coaches and training staff.  They represent the wide spectrum of organizations served last year, including schools, tutoring companies and community agencies involved in academic success programs.

Public/Private Collaboration in Detroit

Husani Webb, 16, a junior at East English Village Prep Academy, left, tutors Louis McMillan, 12, a seventh-grader at Clark Elementary School in Detroit. Lear Corporation has created a tutoring program at 2 DPS schools that goes so much farther. The company donated a semi-truck full of furniture, fixed the school's air conditioning, bought every teacher a computer, bought a new computer lab worth of computers and paid for tutor training that is being provided by the high school students who are getting paid to tutor younger students. ASSOCIATED PRESS

The Lear Corporation/Detroit Public Schools peer tutor training and student development program is now enjoying its second year at East English Village Preparatory Academy in Detroit Michigan.  Since the launch of the leadership program, 122 high school students have received the Tutoring Foundations, Basic training and are now working as peer tutors as part of their elective leadership class.  These young scholars are providing one-on-one tutoring to neighboring middle school and elementary age students at Clark Preparatory Academy.  Caitlin Theisen, one of the National Tutoring Association (NTA) certified trainers and graduate of the Crossroads of Learning Train-the-Trainer program, shared that “having the Tutoring Foundations course book added authority to the tutor training process because it’s not just us saying this is how tutoring works…it’s backed up with research and statistics.”  In addition to tutor training and NTA certification, the high school tutors receive supplemental instruction in math and personal finance.  To see an article on the program, visit tinyurl.com/a7zal9x.

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January 25, 2014

David Cameron: my old Oxford University tutor is still telling me how to run the country

By Christopher Hope, The Telegraph, originally published 12/3/2013

Vernon Bogdanor, the Prime Minister's former politics tutor at Oxford University Photo: Rob Judges

Vernon Bogdanor, the Prime Minister’s former politics tutor at Oxford University, emails him critiques of how he is doing as Prime Minister. David Cameron’s former university tutor is offering him private tips on how to run the country, it has emerged. Mr Cameron disclosed that Vernon Bogdanor, his former politics tutor at Oxford University, is emailing him critiques of how he is doing as Prime Minister.

Taking part in a question and answer session in a PM Direct event at Shanghai University, he told the students that he “had three very happy years at Oxford”. He said: “I was very lucky to be taught by brilliant teachers, a politics tutor called Vernon Bogdanor who even though I left 25 years ago still sends me emails criticising my work.” Mr Cameron continued: “He sometimes says I have done something well but he often sends me emails the other way.”

Professor Bogdanor is a reported Liberal Democrat supporter, and used to be professor of government at Oxford University. He is now aresearch professor at King’s College London.

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January 17, 2014

Teenage CEO helps students follow their college dreams with online tutoring

By Julie Knutson, culturemap Houston, originally published 11/4/13

Houston native and Harvard freshman Rahsaan King, founder and CEO of Students of Strength Courtesy of Facebook

Few first-year college students can lay claim to the title of CEO. But Harvard freshman and Houston-native Rahsaan King — who launched the online tutoring, college advising and academic mentoring program Students of Strength earlier this fall — is unlike most.

Through live, one-on-one web meetings available in 20, 40 or 60-minute increments, King’s company connects its team of nearly 200 consultants — all current MIT and Harvard students — with 7th through 12th graders seeking academic coaching. Sessions provide a range of services, from homework help and SAT prep to mock college interviews and study strategies.

With modest fees and scholarships for low-income students, King hopes to make the service accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic status. “I want all students to hear about Students of Strength, and if they or their parents or school administrators want them to have the service, they should be able to get it without worrying about the cost,” notes King, who was in town this past weekend to promote the venture at four area schools and at the Houston Golf Association.

King’s personal experience at Chinquapin — a college preparatory school located east of Houston that serves economically-disadvantaged and historically-underserved students — sparked his interest in social enterprise, education reform and student empowerment. “For students who are low-income, as I was, and who probably wouldn’t have access to this type of service, those are the students who it’s my mission to serve,” he adds.

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January 8, 2014

High school students demonstrate effective tutoring methods to UD class

Originally published in the UDaily, on 10/22/13

Christiana High's Mike Daugila invites participation in the mentoring of his AVID students.

Jennifer Campos, a senior at Christiana High School (CHS), drew a large grid on the chalkboard and added three captions: Point of Confusion, Notes, and Steps. She then outlined the issues she was having plotting a graph while solving for x. Turning to the students in the University of Delaware’s EDUC 413 class she asked, “How would you help me work through this?”

Campos was one of six students from CHS’s Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program invited to join assistant professor Liz Pemberton’s education class, Adolescent Development and Educational Psychology, to help her students learn how to become AVID tutors.  The tutors are trained to use inquiry methods to facilitate the AVID tutorials as well as serve as role models.

The partnership between UD and the AVID program in local school districts gives UD secondary education students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience applying the knowledge they’ve learned in the classroom. “You don’t want to give them the answer,” cautioned Mike Daugila, CHS AVID coordinator and social studies teacher, when talking to the UD tutors. “Learn to ask guiding questions to help them discover the answer for themselves.”

Daugila’s students at CHS are uniquely qualified to help “teach the teachers.” The AVID program is an elective class in all Christina School District high schools and middle schools, as well as some Red Clay Consolidated School District schools. Students learn to become reflective thinkers, not just memorizing facts but developing a deeper understanding of the how and why.

Tutors are expected to ask open-ended questions that encourage students to consider options, express their difficulties, and work through the thought process. “It can be time consuming, but it’s necessary to help them understand and internalize the lesson,” says Daugila. The AVID students find tremendous value in the program. “It helped me become better organized, develop new skills – like talking in front of this class – and provides the opportunity to visit different colleges,” said Kimberly Fries, CHS student.

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