April 30, 2013

Local company provides technological tutoring

By Steven Ryzewski, Seminole Chronicle, originally published 3/14/13

Jason Ampel, the creator of Learning Liaisons, an online tutoring service in Central Florida.

An A student can benefit from tutoring just as much as a student who is struggling to pass.

That’s the message of Jason Ampel, the man behind Learning Liaisons, an online tutoring service based in Central Florida that utilizes technology and one-on-one instruction to engage students. In an age of standardized testing, exit exams, growing classroom sizes and ever-increasing competition for an edge among students, Ampel, who has 10 years of experience teaching for Orange and Lake counties, said tutoring could be more valuable today than ever.

“As a classroom teacher, what I learned over the years is that sometimes you’re bogged down with standards and accountability,” said Ampel, who received his master’s and doctoral degrees from UCF. “Sometimes you don’t have that time to work one on one with students – all students learn differently and you have kids that get lost and they get frustrated and they’re not motivated.

“[Through tutoring], you’re building confidence in students by giving them the one-on-one support that they might not [be getting].” The idea that that same tutoring can benefit a good student just as much as one who is struggling is something Karen Jones, who has two students working with Learning Liaisons, said she can attest to.

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April 23, 2013

From Seating Arrangements to Crowded Tutoring Sessions, Veterans Returning to School Face Unique Challenges

by Jennifer Davidson, KSMU Ozarks Public Radio, originally published on 3/12/13

(Photo credit: Jim Legans, Jr. via flickr)

Imagine sitting in a college humanities class, and every time a fellow student suddenly raises an arm to ask a question, or accidentally drops a heavy book on the floor, you jump, and your concentration is lost for the hour.  Military veterans, especially those who have seen combat situations, face unique challenges when they try to go back to school. KSMU’s Jennifer Davidson has more.

In the basement of the Garnett Library on the Missouri State University-West Plains campus, a math professor is giving a private tutoring lesson to a young veteran. He’s only recently put down his assault rifle in exchange for a pen and textbooks. Most students get their free tutoring in the lab, on a completely different part of campus—but that communal environment doesn’t always work for veterans.

“It can get overcrowded—just too much static going on,” said Mark White, coordinator of the Veterans Incentive Program here. That program helps vets make the transition back into civilian life as students.

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April 16, 2013

SFU expands tutoring program

By Marelle Reid, originally published in Burnaby Now on 1/30/13

A Simon Fraser University student-tutoring program recently expanded its scope to help more students in the Lower Mainland with literacy skills.

The Friends of Simon program connects university students with immigrant students at 200 elementary schools – and, new for this year, at 65 high schools – in Burnaby, Coquitlam and Surrey. The majority of students are from immigrant families who have recently settled in the Lower Mainland, said coordinator Angela Flumerfelt.

“Immigrant students often come both having to catch up on their literacy skills and their basic academic skills and, at the same time, have to learn English, so it’s a huge challenge for them,” she said. “Sometimes the schools aren’t able to address all of that within the school day.”

More than 80 students from different departments at SFU – about half from the Faculty of Education – spend an average of twice a week with groups of two or three students. Cariboo Hill students in grades 8 and 9 signed up in the fall for the Friends of Simon: Rogers group, sponsored by the Rogers Youth Fund, to get help during after-school hours. Tutors help them with homework and incorporate reading and thinking games that promote English-speaking skills. At Hillside Gardens, a government-subsidized housing complex in Edmonds, tutor Sherry Lin works with elementary school students who need a boost with their English language skills.

The fourth-year human geography major is planning to become a teacher and said the opportunity to gain experience in the community is priceless.

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April 10, 2013

Online Academic Coaching course now available for schools, for-profit providers and individuals

by Nalini Lasiewicz,  Crossroads of Learning

Crossroads of Learning recently launched an online course in Academic Coaching.  The course is self-paced and accessed directly through the internet, taking an estimated 5-7 weeks.  The cost is $209.00, all materials included.  The curriculum is also available in workbook format, to be used in face-to-face training and professional development programs for peer and professional academic coaches, tutors or advisers.  The Academic Coaching workbooks are available to organizations who organize trainings by approved trainers, either internal staff who have completed the Train-the-Trainer program from Crossroads of Learning or certified Master Tutor Trainers from the National Tutoring Association (NTA).

Sandra Clayton-Emmerson of the Center for Academic Success at Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York was one of the first to complete the course.  She stated, “I found the training absolutely outstanding! I was introduced to new concepts that were specific to one-on-one coaching.” When asked about her experience with an online learning program, she added, “everything was seamless in terms of how it all went together. The readings with links to outside readings and websites really worked, the assignments following the readings made perfect sense and I was able to reach my mentor anytime I needed to.”

The course helps learning support and academic coaching personnel support the goal-setting, critical thinking, cultural awareness and emotional intelligence development of students, dealing with the entire learning path of being a student. Academic coaching builds on the fundamental skills of tutoring, which is why the Academic Coaching course has a prerequisite of the successful completion of the Crossroads of Learning Tutoring Foundations Basic (or Comprehensive) training level.  A skilled tutor can help a student become a better learner.  A skilled academic coach can help students identify and verbalize the answers to not just academic questions, but about setting and obtaining goals far into the future.

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